I’ve been tagged in this meme by Fiona (scribblerinseville.com), one of my favourite bloggers, by the way. I just have to say what I WANTso here I go:
          To get rid of this toothache right now.
          TIME. To do what I want. More time than I need. To remember how it feels when you’re really  bored.
          My wife to be happy. I’ve already told her many times. I even asked her in writing.
          To start my own small business. You should know this is the reason why I haven’t written anything for such a long time. I know exactly what kind of business it is, but I just need a little prod.
          To go to Fiona’s(down the dirt track) with some sushi and share a conversationwith her… and understand all her jokes instead of having to laugh pretending that I’m getting everything. (Note: Just in case. This is not flirting, I don’t want any misunderstandings).
          To feel like writingagain.
This is a meme type post so I have to tag a few other bloggers. Here I go:
         No tiene porque ser hoy.
I’d love to see all of you in @ebe this weekend. If not, tell me whatever you WANT.
P.S.: Do you understand now why I want to feel like writing again?

4 Respuestas a “WANT

  1. Thank you bibsey Mama, the toothache is getting better with a "little help from my friends"…Are you coming to @ebe??? I'd love to meet you some day…(not flirting either)


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